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Facebook Adverts Manager Error

Facebook is trying to screw my business over before I get started!

As I'm going through some Facebook ads training, I thought I would peer into Facebook's Advert Manager. To my shock horror, I've been presented with a page which says this:

"Adverts Manager error
Your adverts has recently been flagged because of unusual activity. For security reasons, any adverts you're running will be paused until you can confirm your account information by contacting Facebook."

Now let me just fill you in why this has happened...

Around the middle of August, I had logged into my Facebook account as I was going through some Facebook marketing training videos. I wanted to get familiar with the Advert Manager's interface.

When I clicked on "Create Advert" on the side panel, I could not believe my eyes what the next webpage had presented me with!

I saw a live running advertising campaign selling shoes on my own profile!

So I delved in a bit more and saw a credit card on file, covered up with asterisks with the last 4 digits displayed.

So immediately I set to change my password on both my Facebook and email accounts making sure that they were totally different from each other.

I also tried to report the situation to Facebook. I found it very hard to find the information just to speak to somebody about the situation.

I got so desperate that I arrived at a webpage to communicate bugs to Facebook developers. After I did that, I was digging further how I could communicate to the correct channels. Facebook makes it so difficult to do so and was forever searching on Facebook Help and Google trying to find answers.

I wasn't able to find what I needed so I was on my quest to try and delete this erroneous credit card and the ad campaign.

I managed to do so eventually and even reported the problem on a special page, but believe you me I say was jumping through hoops, it's a little bit of an understatement.

Forward on to now and I'm trying to get this resolved by constantly filling out a web form hoping that somebody from the Risk Management Team would just understand my problem and my pain.

So far two representatives have refused to reactivate my ads account. I'm literally being treated as if I'm the fraudster. The last person who's emailed me asked whether I want everything reactivated.

Well of course I do!!! But  when I reply to the email, I'm very uncertain whether they receive it.

So I just feel stuck at the moment.

The good thing about Empower Network is that they provide many kinds of marketing strategies in their 15K Formula product.

Although it's easy to cry over spilt milk and remain stuck, it's time to crank open my training and pick another marketing method.

This also goes to show how important it is to blog and syndicate my content everyday too. So I'll make it my earnest effort to do so.

I'll update you how I get on...

Make it a great day!

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